“Tell me what happens the first time you see a woman naked.”

“The first time you see a woman naked will not be like you imagined. There will be no love, no trust, no intimacy. You won’t even be in the same room as her.

You won’t get to smile as she undresses you and you undress her. You won’t get to calm her nerves with nerves of your own. You won’t get to kiss her, feeling her lips and the edge of her tongue. You won’t get to brush your fingers over the lace of her bra or count her ribs or feel her heartbeat.

The first time you see a woman naked you will be sitting in front of a computer screen watching someone play at intimacy and perform at sex. She will contort her body to please everyone in the room but her. You will watch this woman who is not a woman, pixelated and filtered and customized. She will come ready-made, like an order at a restaurant. The man on the screen will be bigger than you, rougher than you. He will teach you how to talk to her. He will teach you where to put your hands and he will teach you what you’re supposed to like. He will teach you to take what is yours.

You must unlearn this. You must unlearn this twisted sense of love. You must unlearn the definition of pleasure and intimacy you are being taught. Kill this idea of love, this idea of entitlement, this way of scarring one another.”


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you’ll always have a soft spot for the first female actress to make you question your sexuality

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aceflux: similar to genderflux in that how asexual you feel tends to flux in and out in intensity. some days you may feel apathetic toward sex, then others you might feel entirely sex-repulsed, and some days you’re just like sex? yeah. cool.

aroflux: similar to genderflux…




">15-Year-Old African Kid Tells Madonna To Go ‘Have Sex’ with Herself


Dakarai Molokomme, a 15-year-old starving child from a small village in Zimbabwe, has just told , one of the most famous pop…

"It’s so difficult to describe depression to someone who’s never been there, because it’s not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it’s that cold absence of feeling— that really hollowed-out feeling."

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire

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Been a bit busy lately, but finally found some time to draw these dorks


Been a bit busy lately, but finally found some time to draw these dorks


Fantastic Journeys is a wonderful Unreal Engine 4 Powered 3D action platformer inspired by Jumping Flash! that sees you jumping your way towards a goal at to top of some of the most colourful and vibrant open world levels ever seen.

The amount of freedom afforded by the game’s level design is fantastic, with the huge open world levels offering up multiple routes and secrets - there always seems to be something new to discover in this glorious technicolour candyland.  There are no checkpoints, so if you fall it can be a long way down, but thankfully the platforming is remarkably accurate, thanks to the ability to dash in the air, jump, double jump, triple jump and even quadruple jump your way from platform to platform.

The Prototype gives you access to a large open level full of interesting areas to explore and beautiful vistas, and a smaller bonus level packed with enemies, bizarre landmarks and some destructible terrain.

It really is a joy to explore the worlds of Fantastic Journeys - it’s like Jumping Flash!, updated in Unreal Engine 4 and turned up to 11.  

Download the Prototype, Free

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A few tidbits of Trans life


Some folks think that Trans women do not experience girlhood, and argue that trans women do not grow up with the mythical idea of “sex-based oppression” (which doesn’t exist, as the oppression is gender based, since sex in social situations *is* gender).

These people often like…